Ingredient Dosing

Silo System’s latest product within dosing technology of small ingredients, the “Space-Compact”, is an automatic small ingredient plant with a very high degree of flexibility which may be crucial where space is limited. With its flexibility the “Space-Compact” can be designed to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

Specific attention has been paid to accuracy and functionality by means of advanced design, choice of material and the combination with the Vision 4000 Recipe Management and Weighing System. The “Space-Compact” holds 10 bins within an area of less than 4×4 metres. The bins are suitable for most kinds of powdered and crystallic raw materials.

The central precision weigh hopper of stainless steel with an inner foodstuff approved teflon coating is suspended under a dust-proof shield on 3 load cells. Feeding the precision weigh hopper is done by means of integrated screws and agitators. Each bin is prepared for mounting of a vibrator which may be necessary to ensure a 100% effective emptying of certain ingredients.

For large plants Silo System offers the “Universal Ingredient Dosing Plant” which is a fully automatic recipe-controlled dosing system which is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of small and medium-sized ingredients.