Rigid construction, technical Perfection and easy cleaning and maintenance are some of the most important keywords we will underline about our weighing equipment continuously being exposed to the tough working conditions in the often wet and dusty environment of the bakery’s mixing area. It all begins with experience and proven technology, a clean and strong design and finally addition of the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in each and every part supplied by Silo System ApS. This is your guarantee of getting highly engineered equipment and solutions you can rely on.

Apart from weighing technology itself, our cyclone weigh stations feature the best choices in filtering technology, and discharge and emptying aid. Weigh hoppers are suspended by means of standard floor stands, wall or ceiling fixtures. The ultimate contribution to a dust free, healthy and safe environment comes through our dust extraction system, that may be added to the solutions as an entire unit or be connected to existing dust exhaust systems.

In cases where a number of mixers are served by the same weigh station, the solution may include a travelling rail or spouts with a swivel or gravity diverter. As with dust lids each solution is tailor-made to fit into the customer’s mixers.

Example of combined weigh station featuring a 100 kg receiving bin with spout for small ingredients (to the left), a 250 kg weigh hopper with pneumatic emptying aid and discharge, automatic filter cleaning system and dust lid (centre), and a 140 litres liquid weigh hopper to the right. The Vision 2000 recipe computer being linked up with the B48 water mixer is seen on the wall.

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