Process Control

Recipe Management and Weighing System.
Even the best recipe will fail, if not carefully processed through proper dosing of the ingredients.

Over many years, Silo System ApS has been developing and producing process control systems for a large number of applications with focus on automated weighing to take place in all types of bakeries or other food production.

Today our range of equipment begins with the small semi-automatic Vision 1100 doing the relatively simple operation in controlling weighing processes of 1,2,3 or 4 bulk based ingredients into a common weigh hopper. For medium plants where recipes and more ingredients is needed we can offer solutions based on Allen Bradley Panel View to meet the specific demands.

Finally, the Computerized Recipe and Process Management System, the Vision 4000 is the ultimate solution for advanced industrial production and total recipe control. The Vision 4000 has its Windows 2000 based software installed in an industrial PC equipped with a touchscreen control panel for an optimum location in the production area.

The Vision 4000 is typically working in a computer network, thereby ensuring a complete documentation of production runs, raw materials management and contributing significantly to an increased efficiency and quality of the production.